Glazing: These sliding frames are designed for glazing up to 1/4" thick.
The standard type glass used for this application is "tempered glass".
As an option the customer can request laminated safety glass, and
Acrylic Plastics if desired.

All our windows are
Powdered Coated in your choice of colors:
white, black, bronze or silver. Custom colors available upon request.

Our Sliding Frames are fully welded construction, giving the
consumer the security of a long lasting window.

Comes in your choice of colors which are clear, green, grey, and
U.S.A. Marine Windows Mfg Inc.
Quality Custom Manufacturing
Sliding Windows: are commonly used in both the commercial and
recreational industry. They are ideal for tour vessels and inland ferries
in salon, bulkhead, and wheelhouse applications. These windows provide
maximum ventilation  when open, and become weather tight  when closed.
We provide a heavy duty self locking system. Our Lock systems provide for
a strong secure close in the locked position. Also if requested flip lock
systems mounted in the inside sill will be added. These windows are also
available with optional screens and interior trim rims. Our
Vertical sliders
also have the same characteristics and options as the horizontal sliding
windows. They are commonly found in doors or wheel house applications.   
Let us Ensure the Quality of your sliding windows
U.S.A. Marine Windows Mfg Inc.
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Dania Beach Florida , 33312


Sliders for Gran Banks and other Custom Yachts with the new design double lock systems.
These frames come with screens as options.
U.S.A. R-3050
U.S.A. -M-3050 SERIES
G-2050- SERIES.